Named The Butterfly House for its iconic "butterfly" slanted roof, this home was designed by Dan Palmer & William Krisel, and built in 1960 by  the Alexander company. Although this unique butterfly roofline design was originally created by Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier, it was the Alexander Company's adoption and production of the design that brought it notoriety. The mid-century tract homes of Palm Springs, and their roof designs, are synonymous with post-war American residential and commercial architecture.

The new owners purchased the house in fall of 2015, and began work on redoing the front and back yard landscaping, the pool and jacuzzi, adding the firetable and seating, and most importantly the addition of the modern shipping container cabana. For more details on the house, please click on the Details tab.

The house is available for vacation getaways and photo shoots, please click on the Rental Information tab for more details.